Pastor Search

Senior Pastor Job Description

The Senior Pastor shall have duties as assigned to him in the New Testament, and specified in a job description created and maintained by the Board of Elders. He shall have charge of the pulpit at the regular and special services of this church. He shall have supervisory care over (oversee) the teachings of the church in conjunction with the Board of Elders. The Senior Pastor shall work in cooperation with and be responsible to the Board of Elders. The Pastor is responsible for leading the church body in functioning as a Bible Based church.  He shall demonstrate a strong spirituality, love, and care for people.
Primary Functions:
  • Plan and conduct worship services, developing sermons, planning and coordinate with music leadership.
  • Leads the congregation in effective programs to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose, and priority.
  • Leads and evangelizes effective ways to witness and win the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrate a strong spiritual concern and loving care for people.
  • Visit and minister to members and prospective members in homes, nursing care facilities, and hospitals.
  • Conduct counseling sessions, perform weddings, baptisms, and memorial services.
  • Serves to recommend and advise committees and teams as an ex-officio member.
  • Oversees, along with Elders, all church discipline matters and the management of conflict issues in the church.
  • Communicates with congregation through announcements, written and verbal, including social media, email, and other technology, etc. in addition to using traditional church bulletins, newsletter, and worship services.
  • Agrees with and supports church Constitution/Statement of Faith, Philosophy of Ministry.
  • Maintains a vital and wholesome personal relationship with Our Lord through daily bible study and prayer.
  • Attend and represent the church at denominational and non denominational meetings.
  • Participate in Annual/Biannual meetings and review/report on the churches ministries.
  • Work in conjunction with the Elder Board to create/update a 5 year strategic Plan and help guide the overall direction for the church.
Galilee Baptist Church is utilizing the Converge Placement Network to evaluate pastoral candidates.  If you haven’t filled out a CPN profile you can do so at this link.   There is a one time fee to cover the testing instruments. This fee is tax deductible as a job search cost.  Once a profile is completed, candidates will be eligible to be matched with every Converge church across the country utilizing the CPN process.
About Loveland
Loveland, Colorado: Beautiful, relaxed, friendly, this extraordinary place we call home.
Founded in 1877 as a farming community, it’s temperate climate and location along the Big Thompson river with many natural and man-made lakes and reservoirs helped it to grow into the 70,000+ community it is today. Against the backdrop of the mountains the northern front range community stretches nearly the entire length of the I25 corridor between Cheyenne and Denver. With constant exposure to the neighboring cities, the growing population is trending away from it’s conservative roots.
Trying to keep up with American culture, Loveland has developed a passion for the arts. It has 2 sculpture gardens, and an active artist and theatre community. Catch the News Boys at the Ranch or a local favorite at the Rialto downtown. It holds outdoor summer concerts, and community movie nights.
Opportunities for outdoor ministry include fishing, boating, inter-city bike paths and trails, hiking, neighborhood and sports parks, and 3 golf courses. 35 miles away sits Rocky Mountain National Park with additional opportunities for skiing/snowshoeing, hiking, camping, hunting, and rock climbing. Sunday morning services have year-round competition!
In addition to a large homeschool community, Loveland has public, private and charter schools. It’s high school graduation rate is 90%. With 4 major universities within 60 miles, and 3 community college campuses within city limits, 70% of Loveland’s population has some post high school education. It’s educated community has a very low preference for historical Christianity.
Attracting state-of-the art medical campuses, small businesses and retail giants, upscale and down-home restaurants, Loveland contends with the “cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches” that threaten unfruitfulness.
  • County: Larimer
  • Elevation: 4,982 ft
  • Population: 77,446 (est)
  • Area: 25.5 sq miles
  • Climate: semi-arid
  • Annual precipitation: 13.98 in
  • Median income: $47,000
  • 5.7% living below the poverty line
  • Housing costs for a 3 bedroom house:
  • Rent $1800-2200
  • Purchase $350,000+
  • High school graduation rate: 90%